Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Truth About Lung Cancer

This month is Mae's Breath Foundation's 3 years in existence. It is actually 3 years and 5 months since our beloved Eartha met her untimely and fateful lung cancer demise.

I, her daughter continue the fight, please understand that this is a fight, not only do I have to solidify and ensure the i's and t's are in place in continuing this foundation as a permanent foundation, but ensure that the purpose and our walk in lung cancer awareness is felt.

                                         The truth about lung cancer is very real:

-It takes away a loved one

-It either makes you stronger or weaker

-It educates you in just how special the lungs and our survival really are... sometimes too late

-It makes you stronger in embracing your faith

-It makes you angry that they're elements that contribute to the disease, and perfectly fine in
being displayed on store shelves

-It brings families together

-It tears families apart

-Smoking and lung cancer are not taken seriously, until you're personally affected

The truth about lung cancer is that it sucks, and if more people take the consequences more seriously and bombard these law- makers and politicians that we need to be heard, then our fight continues to fall on deaf ears.

MBF anniversary is pushed backed- but trust and believe we will still make our mark in lung cancer awareness... especially for the borough of Brooklyn, NY.