Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Truth About Lung Cancer

This month is Mae's Breath Foundation's 3 years in existence. It is actually 3 years and 5 months since our beloved Eartha met her untimely and fateful lung cancer demise.

I, her daughter continue the fight, please understand that this is a fight, not only do I have to solidify and ensure the i's and t's are in place in continuing this foundation as a permanent foundation, but ensure that the purpose and our walk in lung cancer awareness is felt.

                                         The truth about lung cancer is very real:

-It takes away a loved one

-It either makes you stronger or weaker

-It educates you in just how special the lungs and our survival really are... sometimes too late

-It makes you stronger in embracing your faith

-It makes you angry that they're elements that contribute to the disease, and perfectly fine in
being displayed on store shelves

-It brings families together

-It tears families apart

-Smoking and lung cancer are not taken seriously, until you're personally affected

The truth about lung cancer is that it sucks, and if more people take the consequences more seriously and bombard these law- makers and politicians that we need to be heard, then our fight continues to fall on deaf ears.

MBF anniversary is pushed backed- but trust and believe we will still make our mark in lung cancer awareness... especially for the borough of Brooklyn, NY.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cancer and Your Bucket List

Today is Sunday November 10, 2013....
It's a breezy cold Sunday and the weekend just as so many is going by quickly. This month I
celebrated another birthday and thankful for that, but bittersweet as those once in my life
are no longer here in the physical form to help me celebrate....

I'm watching the movie The Bucket list with actors Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman. I absolutely love this movie and it's so fitting for all ages. The bottom line is we go off in life trying to achieve the dream we concoct that will make us happy, whether this is marriage, children, education, career, and being famous, or what have you, but when a doctor enters your room and approaches you with those strange and foreign words
You Have Cancer... those life achievements seem so bittersweet, as many of us feel there's just so many more things left to do.

The concept of writing that list of things to aspire to achieve before you die is a self fulfillment and a gesture to make your last journey as doable (if you will) to your own standards. Chemo and treatment may be in the midst but having a handle on how and what you want this journey to go in your final days, should be live in the moment for the future is not promised.

Bucket List:
-Travel to that place you always dreamed but never went forth to book that ticket
-Do that activity that you never thought you had it in you to do
-Laugh... it's okay to stop taking life so seriousness now

Know that we will not finish everything we wish to do in our lifetime, but doing you at this time in life is a necessity!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

November is lung cancer awareness month…..

Crickets….. Silence.

Who would know this with the fanfare of the other cancer flourished in pink that November holds a special time. Well we at Mae’s Breath will do our best to shout from our lungs (no pun taking) to share and do our part. I’m so excited about the work we have in store for the following year.
Lung cancer is still one of the most serious and severe cancers that continually affect loved ones, and I pray that one day it will be irradiated. As we all know the face of lung cancer can be any of us…. Or did you know this? Even if you picked up a cig 20 years ago, you may or may not be affected. If you inhale second hand smoke you may be affected. What we’ve learn is that cancer is in us and it take a shift that brings these little demons out. We recent lost the brave soul of former smoker and advocate Terri Hall at 53. She was infamous showing us her daily routine of making herself up with wig and makeup all while speaking with a hole in her throat. I personally salute this woman of courage and all blessings to her family for a life cut so very short. As I end this here, I also want to say many blessings to the beautiful Rita Owens, the mother of my queen – Dana Owen- a.k.a. Queen Latifah. I almost fell through the floor when I heard and saw the accounts of the elder Ms. Owens. Ms. Rita I hope you beat this if you happen upon this site!
The families and caregivers understand all too well that we are effective in huge numbers and I pray that one day the color of ivory is just as significant as we squash this bug, that has taken and affected so many of our lives.
Lastly, I want to say –Miss you so dearly mother dear Mae, whom this effort is dedicated too. My life will never be the same, and I will continue in my way big or small to continue my advocacy on this dreaded cancer known as lung cancer.

Webisode Series 1- Please look out for our continuation in 2014-
(Please pass along the video)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Janice Laila Smith

Congratulations to Designer Janice Laila Smith- the grand prize winner of Mae's Breath Creative Arts Series. The 1 year event was amazing to see these ladies showcase creative inspirations
all in the heart of lung cancer awareness, was a beautiful thing.

More details on the winner and event to come...



Thursday, January 31, 2013

Creative Arts Series 1- Celeste Lindsey

Celeste Lindsey

Introductions to one of the designers to be featured in "Inhale Hope- Exhale the Stigma"
Mini T-shirt fashion show in March. Additional details to follow on all designers....